Business Stands

Business Stands




Business Stands are available across the whole district

Council has many business centres across the district. Most of these centres have readily available stands which are being sold at $10.00 per square mitre.

Council also have industrial stands which are available at Mubaira Growth Point, Dombwe Rural Service Centre and at Selous Service Centre. Some stands can be created at any Business Centre upon request.


To apply for a stand, one has to complete an application form then pay a non refundable application fee of $120.00 and a response will be availed instantly. The applicant will then receive an offer letter with all the required information and funds needed. After payment of all the money stated in the offer letter, the allocation and pegging process will commence.

Contact us: Mr. T. Matienga +263 772 981 284 / +263 53 2257


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