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Agro-Residential Plots are currently not available – CHEGUTU RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL

Agro-Residential Plots are currently not available


  1. Phillis - 04/03/2018 Reply

    Thank you a very well done website.

    • tondengirande - 05/03/2018 Reply

      welcome Phillis

  2. Ruth - 07/05/2018 Reply

    This is good. Well done and clear.

    • tondengirande - 30/05/2018 Reply

      Thank you for you support Ruth

  3. peter nyikadzino - 24/05/2018 Reply

    good day, send me more information on available stands my email: peternyikadzino2014@gmail.com

    • tondengirande - 30/05/2018 Reply

      Agro-Residential stands are available

  4. Qelani Kande - 04/06/2018 Reply

    Good day, are the Agro residential stands still available?

  5. Mukono A - 21/06/2018 Reply

    I am so interested please assist me to buy a plot. What is the minimum size of the residential agro stands

  6. Mareverwa Thompson - 29/06/2018 Reply

    Thank you so much, please is it possible to pay for the residential stands at Mubayira Growwth point in instalments and how much will be the deposit?

  7. Manue - 30/09/2018 Reply

    Lovely and informative website.Keep it up guys

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