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Chakacha piped water scheme. – CHEGUTU RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL

Chakacha piped water scheme.

Chakacha piped water scheme.

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Chegutu rural has 29 wards and has four functional piped water schemes. The scheme consists of the Musinami ,Chingwere , Chakacha and Dombwe Piped Water Scheme. The piped water schemes are community managed. Each piped water scheme has management committee and the District provide an oversight role.

Chakacha Piped Water Scheme

The borehole was drilled in April 2013 by Chisipiti drilling under the Rural WASH project and is 42m deep and is situated at Chakacha village. The borehole used to serve 3 villages which is Chakacha, Kaguwe , and Mukono .Currently since the introduction of the scheme it has 1 447 beneficiaries. The scheme is 2 503 .5km with a total of 26 stand pipes and three storage tanks with a capacity of 5 000 liters each installed and a solar capacity of 2.7 kw and a pump size of 1.5 kw.

Chakacha Piped Water Scheme

Benefits of the Piped Water Scheme

  • The distances traveled by women in fetch of water has been reduced
  • The girl child now spend more time in class
  • Access of clean water by the community

Drought Response Project Piped Water Scheme

Due to drought which occurred in Zimbabwe during the period 2016-2017, and   was declared a National Disaster  . The government got assistance from DFID which gave UNICEF to be the fund manager. The Drought Response project was implemented in 10 districts in the country and Chegutu was one of them. The district benefited two piped water scheme which were worth $ 40 000 each. That led to two piped water schemes being established that is Chingwere and Chakacha Piped water scheme. Where capacity taste and water quality tasting was first done to the boreholes. The project was being implemented with the help of National Action Committee, PWSSC, DWSSC and implementing partners which where HELPAGE and WHH.



Piped Water Scheme

Chigwere Piped Water Scheme is located in Mhondoro ward 8 .The borehole was sunk before independence and used to serves 3 villages and a town ship that is Makoni

83 households, Kawanzaruwa 120, Chigwada 150 and the township 33 HH. The borehole used to be a community owned and was drilled by DDF for the community.

The borehole is 52m deep and situated at Chingwere Business Centre.  The borehole was   rehabilitated to a piped water scheme and is currently benefiting  2 749 beneficiaries which consists of two schools that is Chigwere Primary with 431 students,Chingwere Secondary has 357 pupils .Also they are villages such as Matare, Chingwere, Makoni, Kawanzaruwa, Washamira and the Chingwere business center .The length of the scheme is 3 115 km with a total of 22 stand pipes. It has 5 storage tanks with a capacity of 5 000litres and a solar capacity of 4.5kw with a pump size of 3kw.

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