Who We Are

We Provide Service in Chegutu District Since 1998

Chegutu RDC is a local authority established in terms of the Rural District Council’s Act [Chapter 29: 13]. The Council was formed after the amalgamation of four Councils in 1998 namely Mhondoro District Council, Msengezi District Council, Norton Selous District Council and Chegutu Rural District Council.
Chegutu Rural District Council Head Office is located about 107 km South of the Capital City Harare. It borders Zvimba Rural District Council to the west, Sanyati Rural District Council to the South , Manyame Rural District Council to the East and Mhondoro Ngezi Rural District Council to the South East. Chegutu Municipality and Norton Town Council are islands within Chegutu RDC.
The Council has got 29 Wards with 29 elected Councillors . Council has 6 committees which are HR and Admin, Finance, Social Services, Environment Management, Roads Works and Planning and Audit. The Councillors are the policy makers.
The Executive team is led by the CEO and 6 HODs who are technical advisors of the committees. Council is under the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.


The most effective, well administered Rural District Council with a sustainable service delivery system by 2030.


To bring about economic development to the community through provision of social services, infrastructure, conservation and sound management


• Timeliness – We commit ourselves to work within the confined time frames set in the client’s charter in the provision of services to our clients.
• Accountability – We commit ourselves to be answerable for all our actions.
• Transparency – We commit ourselves to do our business in an open, free and fair environment.
• Inclusivity – We shall involve all our stakeholders in the planning and implementation of our services, being sensitive to gender needs of women, disabled persons, children and other disadvantaged groups.
• Integrity – We commit ourselves to be honest, trustworthy, dependable and firm in all implementation of Council programmes and service delivery,

Why Choose Us?

  1. Constitution of Zimbabwe [Amandment No. 20]
  2. Rural District Councils Act [CAP 29:15]
  3. Environmental Management Act [CAP 20:26
  4. Labour Act [CAP 28:01]
  5. Public Finance and Management Act [CAP 22:19 ]
  6. Public Health Act [CAP 15:09]
  7. Regional, Town and Country Planning Act [CAP 29:12]
  8. Shop Licencing Act (Chapter 14:17)
  9. Cemetery Act
  10. Liquor Act (Chapter 14:12)
  1. Roads Act (Chapter 13:12)
  2. Estate Administration Act
  3. Audit and Exchequer Act
  4. Civil Protection Act (Chapter 10:06)
  5. Housing and Building Act (Chapter 22:07)
  6. Local Authorities Employees Pension Schemes Act (Chapter 29:09)
  7. Minerals and Mining Act (Chapter 21:05)
  8. Land Survey Act (Chapter 20:12)
  9. National Social Security Act (Chapter 17:04)
  10. Procurement Act (Chapter 22:14)
  11. Traditional Beer Act (Chapter 14:26)
  12. Water Act (Chapter 20:22)
  13. ZINWA Act (Chapter 20:25)
  1. Construction and Maintenance of the road network.
  2. Provision of health and social services
  3. Provision of planning services and development management
  4. Environmental management
  5. Making of by-law
  6. Financial management
  • Chief Nyamweda
  • Chief Mashayamombe
  • Chief Ngezi
  • Chief Nherera
  • Chief Rwizi
  • Chief Chivero


When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health
increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.

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