Human Resources and Administration

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Chegutu Rural District Council (Council) values the its Human Resources and recognizes that employees are the most important resource of the organization.
Council therefore, strife to put in place sound human resources policies and procedures supportive of both employee and organizational goals.
The Human Resources Department is responsible for policy
implementation, administration and adherence to Policy and Procedures.

HR and Administration Department main objectives

 To develop and implement a sound Human Resources strategy to support the goals of the organisation.
 To develop and maintain such relevant policies and procedures which will enable the organisation to realize its goals.
 To put in place a most suitable organizational structure for the Council
 To employ, motivate and retain competent individuals who are selected on the basis of merit.

 To provide fair and consistent treatment of all employees.
 To implement and maintain an effective performance management system.
 To recognize and reward good performance and encourage employees to achieve greater productivity and continuous improvement through administration of a reward policy.
 To process salaries and councilors allowances timeously and accurately.

Human Resources and Administration Functions

Designing and continuously updating the Council organogram (structure)

Recruitment and terminating of staff.

Handling Council Industrial Relations

Reviewing of employee conditions of service

Planning of Human Resources development needs

onitoring performance of Council departments

Development of Human Resources Management policies.

Production of annual estimates of income and expenditure

Making recommendations to Full Council on all matters regarding HRM

Oversee asset management

Design and recommend to Full Council policies related to administration issues

Oversee the Councillors welfare issues

Frequently Asked Questions - HR and Administration

We have residential stands at Mubaira Growth Point and business stands across the whole district.

To apply for a stand, one has to complete an application form then pay a non refundable application fee of $120.00 and a response will be availed instantly. The applicant will then receive an offer letter with all the required information and funds needed. After payment of all the money stated in the offer letter, the allocation and pegging process will commence.

Contact us: Mr. T Matienga +263 772 981 284 / +263 53 2257


The following requirements should be availed to Council:

  1. Proof of ownership for the property (title deed/agreement of sale/lease agreement)
  2. Proof of cession (affidavit/agreement of sale)
  3. Both the cedant and the cessionary should be physically present (the persons involved in the cession process e.g. the buyer and the seller)
  4. Identification documents for both parties (ID or valid passport)
  5. $150.00 cession fees
  6. $100.00 lease processing fees for the new owner.

After payment of the cession fees, the cession is processed and the new lease agreement or agreement of sale is processed.

Contact us: Mr. A Machingura+263 773 902 958 / +263 53 2257


The following documents should be sent to the undersigned or hand delivered to the Council’s HR department:

  1. Attachment letter from the institution of higher learning.
  2. Detailed CV
  3. Copies of educational qualifications.
  4. Application letter

NB Submission of the above mentioned documents does not guarantee one’s attachment offer.

Send the documents to :

The HR and Administration Manager

Chegutu Rural District Council

No. 3 Alexandra Ave

P O Box 13



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