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Happy Father’s Day: Father who cares – CHEGUTU RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL

Happy Father’s Day: Father who cares

chegutu fathers day

Happy Father’s Day: Father who cares

#FathersDay, who cares?
By Shamiso Chigonde

Seeing that it’s #FathersDay season, i tried writing something about fathers and the only thing i could write was, Happy Father’s day to all fathers and I was out of words.

What did fathers do really, why are they important. They beat our mothers, they never wanted us from the beginning, some even left.

That there is the narrative that has the world twisted and warped. Why the focus on the negatives and the evils of a few individuals? It is unfair and uncalled for.

Who talks about those fathers who did not leave? Those fathers that stay up all night, guarding houses they cannot afford, riding bikes back home early in the morning. Those that went out of the country to fend for the family, going to live alone in a foreign country without a proper job.

Fathers toil and sweat, they labour, just for our upkeep. Then when we see that beautiful dress, or jeans that where bought for us, we say, thank you mama. Daddy worked and gave mama the money but no one appreciates him.

No one notices him, after all they say he doesn’t know the pain of being in the labour room; the pain of being stitched after giving birth; the pain of waking up at dawn to breast feed.

But who knows the pain of having to look at the faces of hungry children and not being able to provide food for them? Or being retrenched just after your wife has given birth? In as much as we could not be here without our mothers, we also could not be here without our fathers.

There were times when our mothers fell sick and father would strap us on his back just to get us to sleep. He came to the prize giving day when mama was selling tomatoes at the market. When he lost his job, we were left in his care when mama went to horde wares for our little vending stall at the corner. He would do all the house chores.

He spent sleepless nights studying, even studied while working, because he wanted a better future for us. Now he has a good job, and I have all i could ask for in life because of my father. He started small now he owns multinational companies. He worked hard, he still works hard and today im appreciating him. He may not be my real father, maybe my Uncle, my Grandfather, my Husband, my Teacher, today im saying thank you to him. Thank you for being there. Happy Father’s Day to him.

*Shamiso Chigonde is a broadcaster, radio presenter with YaFM and she believes breaking barriers and creating an inclusive society premised on love, ubuntu and equality for all.

Twitter: @ShamisoChigonde

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