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Mining opportunities


Mining opportunities

Chegutu RDC is located along the great dyke. There are plenty minerals that are found across the whole district. These include platinum, gold, chrome, silica and quarry.


The district has plenty deposits of the mineral. Most of these deposits are being exploited by Zimplats (the largest platinum miner in Zimbabwe), Global Platinum Resources and recently the arrival of Great Dyke Investments. These mines are large mines which are accommodating a lot of contractors in different fields ranging from blasting firms to catering firms. There are plenty activities that take place at these mines which have created a lot of business opportunities.

Companies like Zimplats have also a number of platinum and chrome claims which they are seeking partners for. This is also a very big business opportunity for upcoming mining companies.

Zimplats has also created other business opportunities through the Zimplats Mhondoro Ngezi Chegutu Zvimba Community Share Ownership Trust. This Trust has opened a number of business opportunities for the district. They have engaged in a number of projects which are benefiting the community. The projects include the following among others:

  1. Poultry keeping projects
  2. Micro-Financing
  3. Construction of an abattoir
  4. Bee Keeping


There are a number of mines like Pickstone Peerless Mine and Danangwe District Youth in Mining Cooperative (DDYMC) which require a number of services.

There are also claims that are untapped. Investors can partner the owners of these claims so that mining activities can be done.

The district has also room to establish gold processing plants since there is plenty mining activities around the district.


There are plenty deposits of chrome around the district. Most of these claims are not being utilised thus creating a sound business opportunity.

There is also need for establishment of another chrome smelting plant.

Other minerals

There are also other minerals which can create business opportunities around the district. These are quarry and silica. There are huge deposits of these minerals which can be exploited around the district.

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