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Agriculture Opportunities – CHEGUTU RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL

Agriculture Opportunities

Chegutu Agriculture and Environment Management

Agriculture Opportunities

Chegutu RDC lies in the natural region 2b. This means that this district is a farming district.

The district is very accessible. There is a railway line and a highway (Harare-Bulawayo)which cuts across the district. There is also another highway which connects Chegutu and Chinhoyi and the highway from Selous to Ngezi Mine. The district has an estimated road network of 1058 km which are mainly well maintained gravel roads.

The district has vast fertile land for farming purposes. The rainfall patterns are very good and this creates a conducive environment for farming.

The district has a packaging factory (Chegutu Canners) where farmers can take their produce for sale.

Chegutu is also 106 km Harare which also makes it a good place for farming since it is easy to take products to markets.

Zimplats has also created other business opportunities through the Zimplats Mhondoro Ngezi Chegutu Zvimba Community Share Ownership Trust. This Trust has opened a number of business opportunities for the district. They have engaged in a number of projects which are benefiting the community. The projects include the following among others:

  1. Poultry keeping projects
  2. Micro-Financing
  3. Construction of an abattoir
  4. Bee Keeping

Chegutu district is also known for poultry production with companies like Sable Foods and Charles Stewart dominating. This creates a business opportunity for all dealers of poultry feeds, medication and other items required in poultry production.

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