Social Services

We Provide Service in Chegutu District Since 1998

Council is mandated by the RDC Act to provide Social Services. Council is running seventeen clinics which are dotted around the district. Our health facilities are providing a wide range of services that include out patients, Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), maternity services, opportunistic infections services and ART services
Chegutu Rural District has 29 wards- 10 are communal and the rest are former commercial and small scale purchase areas. The land reform programme prodded a change in migration patterns where we witnessed the migration of people from urban, rural communal to the farming communities. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. The migration of people created a need for social service facilities such as schools,clinics and WASH services.
Chegutu RDC has implemented a lot of projects to cater for the need of these communities, resettlement as well as communal populations.

Overall Social Services Functions

Formulation, updating and monitoring of council by-laws relating to Social Services.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Establishment and management of schools • Establishment and management of clinic • Provision of water and sanitation services • Supporting and protecting vulnerable groups i.e. children, women, disabled, chronically ill • Coordinating development partners in the district

Establishing and management of health and educational institutions.

Council and the Ministry of Education has facilitated the establishment of satellite schools to cater for the resettled communities schools were established in former farmhouses and tobacco barns. Chegutu District has got a number of Church run, Private and Public boarding schools which have got high pass rates. • Sandringham High- Methodist run • Moleli High- Methodist • St Marks High- Anglican • Presbyterian High- Presbyterian Church • Msengezi High- Government • West View Secondary- Private • Musariri Secondary- Board of Trustee

Coordinating and monitoring development partners operating in the district

But council is mobilizing communities and development partners to build permanent schools. Partners that have assisted usinclude UNICEF, Africa Book Development Trust, Africa Development Mission Trust, SmileFor Africa, Zimplats, Zimplats Chegutu MhondoroNgezi Community Share Ownership Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions - Social Services

  • The organization should be registered by relevant structures
  • The premise should be inspected by a health officer
  • Availability of ablution facilities and a Police clearance
  • Need to be registered by Social Welfare
  • Must have an Memorandum of Agreement with us
  • Should attend meetings and write monthly reports
  • Out Patients (Adults and children }
  • Antenatal Care
  • HIV Screening ,Testing and Treatment
  • Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI)
  • Maternal Child Health (Post Natal)
  • Family Planning methods eg Secure ,Control ,Depo Provera and Jadelleinsertion and removal
  • Counseling
  • Need to have a ZINWA permit
  • The drilling company has  to be registered
  • Individuals should ensure that the drilling process is supervised by DDF

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OUR MISSION To bring about economic development to the community through provision of social services, infrastructure, conservation and sound management

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