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Chegutu RDC is mandated by the RDC Act to provide Social Services. Chegutu RDC is running seventeen clinics which are dotted around the district. Our health facilities are providing a wide range of services that include out patients, Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), maternity services, opportunistic infections services and ART services.

A healthy community

brings a bright future

When a community is healthy, it can change just about everything. It can improve productivity, increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help in service delivery.

What We Are Doing

Mobile Clinic

Chegutu RDC provides a mobile clinic once every week to areas without a nearby clinic to provide health services. The programme targets mostly the resettlement areas where there are no clinics.

Conversion of old farm houses into clinic

Chegutu RDC has been working tirelessly with the Ministry of Health and Child Care in converting former farm houses into clinics. So far seven farm houses have been converted into fully operational clinics. The clinics are Homedale (ward 12), Tasunungurwa (ward 14), Glenluce (ward 15), Lismore (ward 23), Brunswick (ward 24), Fanharm (ward 25), Mafuti (ward 28)

Establishment of Health Facilities for expecting mothers

Chegutu RDC together with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and other development partners is working towards construction of waiting mothers shelter and maternity wings at all Rural Health Centres. This will go a long way towards reducing home based deliveries. The absence of such facilities has resulted in home based deliveries.

Clinic construction

Chegutu RDC in partnership with the ward 22 community and the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) is constructing a clinic at Danangwe Business Centre in ward 22. Residents of this community are travelling about 35km to Chegutu to access health services. The clinic will come as a relief to the community especially expecting and breastfeeding mothers. Children and the elderly will also directly benefit from the clinic. Generally the health facility will come as a relief to an estimated population of 6000 people.

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